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Affordable and secure self storage in Dubbo

Are you struggling for storage? Whether you’re moving home, looking to store valuable possessions, or need to de-clutter your shed, Majestic Self Storage has a self storage solution for you.
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Complete range of self storage options

Based in Dubbo, we offer an extensive range of self storage options from unalarmed (but video monitored) small spaces to business-sized large units protected by state-of-the art security systems. Whatever your requirement, we ensure you only pay for the space you need! 

Hassle-free archive storage

We understand that if you want to find something in your storage unit, you want to find it fast! If you need a hassle-free archive storage solution, we can fit out your unit with shelving to give you easy, quick access to all your files without having to shift numerous boxes.

Small units

Our smaller units can be used to store a range of things, including:

  • Clutter: ideal if you’re trying to sell your home
  • Furniture: for storage during home renovations or whilst you’re travelling
  • Work files: perfect if you work from home
  • Infrequently used household goods and gardening equipment
  • Camping and seasonal recreation equipment

Large units

Our larger storage units can be used for more than just storage. They are ideal places for:

  • Running a small business
  • Working on projects that have traditionally taken over the garage


As a trusted storage complex, we are fully insured. However, because only you know what is stored in your space, you are responsible for insuring your possessions. Some home and contents insurance will cover items in storage, but it is always best to check with your insurer before moving your items into one of our units.

Call us today for a free quote

Storing your possessions safely is more affordable than you think! Because we have a range of spaces available, you won’t find yourself paying for space that you don’t need. Call our friendly team today for your free, no-obligation quote.

What is self storage and how does it work?

Self storage is a fantastically flexible system, where you rent a container or unit of space to store your possessions.

We have a large range of unit sizes, from 2m x 2m up to 7m x 3m. You can store anything you like in your unit except for hazardous goods, liquids that are flammable or give off fumes, and stolen or illegal items.

The process for setting up a self storage space is very simple. Firstly, choose the size of container or unit you need. If you’re unsure, don’t worry - our experienced team can help! Once you have completed your self storage agreement form and organised your storage fee payments, you will be provided with a personalised pin code which allows you immediate access to your space. 

If you have chosen a unit in our under-cover complex, you also get access to our goods lift and trolleys, to help move heavy items. You use your own padlock for your unit and only you have the key, ensuring your items are kept safe and secure.

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For all your self storage needs in Dubbo, call our experienced team today on 02 6884 1603

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